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Client Services Offered at Grace Counseling

Individual Counseling



Most often clients will work one-on-one with a counselor as they explore life issues that are troubling them. This is referred to as Individual Counseling.

The individual will normally meet with their professional counselor once a week for one hour. Depending upon the issues, the sessions may continue anywhere from 4 – 12 sessions or longer,  as individuals may resolve issues and choose to go beyond to attain personal growth and satisfaction with their lives.

Group Counseling


Grace Counseling provides Group Therapy services based on each client’s specific needs.

Group Therapy, while cost-effective, can also be the best option for a client who is facing issues common to others in the group. It is a means by which we can re-enact struggles and find resolutions yet to be discovered. It is actually a microcosm of life.

Couples Therapy



When a client is having difficulty in a relationship, a counselor may work with the couple together in sessions, referred to as Couples Therapy.

Couples therapy works to improve communication within the relationship and gives each member a new understanding of their partners experience, thus providing motivation for change, and developing a greater joy and love for one another. It doesn’t matter if a couple is married, engaged, or even just dating. It is caring for the intimate relationship, also known as Marriage Counseling.

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