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Grace Counseling Needs Donations!

This decision may be quick… but it has the power to bring hope to someone every day for the rest of their life.

Many of the people who come to Grace have nowhere else to turn, and no way to afford the care they need. Mental health is often overlooked, and misunderstood, but with your support, we can make sure the people we see aren’t. Will you help us follow our mission to restore lost hope in a hurting world?

Donations are always welcome.

Grace is committed to growing with the needs of our community, and with your donation we hope to add more programs to help us do just that.

6 Reasons to Give to Grace Counseling


Help to cover costs for low income clients without insurance, or insurance we are unable to take, so they can be treated without the stress of financial insecurity.


Allow us to keep our buildings open and operational to provide a safe environment for our clients.


Enable us to afford secure technology to reach our clients that are unable to leave their homes.


Give our therapists access to training opportunities that benefit the needs of our clients.


Allow us the opportunity to expand our programming to reach the needs of as many people as possible.


Fund the ongoing land development to sustain our outdoor programming, including gardens & wilderness.

Visit Our

Gary Wend Memorial Garden

 In 2021, we established our Gary Wend Memorial Garden.
This is a beautiful outdoor space made available to the community as a resource for healing the wounds of grief and loss.


In addition to being a talented gardener, Gary Wend was a Licensed Therapist for 46 years serving the Grace community. The number of lives he touched is countless. He specialized in working with children with ADHD and senior citizens.

The garden blooms from May to September and is constantly growing and changing.

The Memorial Garden is open to the community to visit at any time. Come to experience the beauty of God's majesty, surrounded by nature, as you sit in silence or prayer to honor those you have lost.

Your Donations Make it Possible to Continue Serving Those in Need.

Please consider helping Grace today.