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When To Call ...

If you are struggling with issues of loss, anxiety, chronic illness, relationship problems, body image, self-acceptance, fears, loneliness, trauma, stress-related illness, or other issues of personal growth and satisfaction, you need to know that

      "You are Not Alone"

What We Offer ...


Most often clients will work one-on-one with a counselor as they explore life issues that are troubling them. This is referred to as Individual Counseling.

The individual will normally meet with their professional counselor once a week for one hour. Depending upon the issues, the sessions may continue anywhere from 4 sessions, up to as many as 12,  as individuals may resolve issues and choose to go beyond to attain personal growth and satisfaction with their lives.


When a client is having difficulty in a relationship, a counselor may work with the couple together in sessions, referred to as Couple's Therapy.

Couples' therapy works to improve communication within the relationship and gives each member a new understanding of their partners experience, thus providing motivation for change, and developing a greater joy and love for one another. It doesn't matter if a couple is married, engaged, or even just dating. It is caring for the intimate relationship, also known as Marriage Counseling


Grace Counseling provides various types of counseling services,

based on the needs of the client. 

Group Therapy, while cost-effective, can also be the best option for a client who is facing issues common to others in the group. It is a means by which we can re-enact struggles and find resolutions yet to be discovered. It is actually a microcosm of life.

BOOK: "Walking In Grace"

Grace Counseling is a nonprofit corporation, 501c3, established in November of 2011.  In an effort to raise funds to support our missions, Suzanne Sebree, founder of Grace Counseling, published a book about God's Grace.

ALL proceeds from book sales go toward operations and quality control of Grace Counseling of Chesterfield.

You can purchase your copy HERE or stop by the office to pick up a few!

Our Professional Therapists

Suzanne Sebree,


~ Philosophy ~

"I believe that the creative process is useful in healing the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, techniques used in art therapy, gestalt therapy, and cognitive therapy can help to resolve inner conflict and to attain personal growth, as well as an overall sense of well-being."

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Cherelle Putz, MA, LPC


~ Philosophy ~

"I believe in using the innate gifts and strengths that one has to support them through difficult times. I walk with my clients, providing gentle support as they find clear insight and deeper meaning. I believe that with positivity, life can be more fully experienced with a renewed sense of purpose and joy."

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Angela LaHaie,


~ Philosophy ~

"I would like to help you take your brokenness,  find

freedom from the things that bind you, and start living

the life you are meant to have."

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Gary Wend,LMSW

Gary Wend LMSW is a clinical social worker with over 30 years’ experience working with children, adolescent’s adults and families. He assists children and adults based on their expectations for change, learning to cope within their environment and increasing their quality of life. He has provided supervision to therapists for over 20 years and has experience in mental health, child welfare and delinquency fields with children, adolescents and adults.

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Kathleen Kortebein, 

"Kate" MA, LPC

~ Philosophy ~

We know that God is the “Giver” and “Author” of life. He works for the good of those who love him. He can bring beauty from ashes. This life we share is meant to be a journey of our "SELF”. Let us share this gift of time and privilege to experience Love, Hope, Healing, and Trust from our season of “limitation” to a new season of being an “Unbound Light” in His kingdom. 

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Elise Ferrary, MA, LLPC

~ Philosophy ~

"I utilize a Holistic/Integrative approach to counseling in order to provide empathetic care for clients, based on their individual needs. I strive to provide a safe environment to foster exploration and growth for each client spiritually and mentally. Helping others to live a happy and healthy life is my true passion."

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Cherl Herring, M.A.

Compassionate and caring counselor, dedicated to serving individuals, groups

and families. Helping them to identify their strengths and develop tools needed to facilitate their potential and development. Incorporating change for the challenges to improve outcome episodes throughout life. I utilize an Integrative and Person Centered Approach to Therapy. 

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